The Company

RShore was created in 2011 to support companies on 3 aspects of a co-operation i.e. Business, Human and Communication. Until 2015 RShore focused on companies working with India. Since 2016 our methodologies are deployed on Global Projects across geographies.
We have expertise in both Eastern and Western business practices. We are certified coaches fully committed to the purpose of building global co-operations.

Our values


Deepa Natarajan


Deepa Natarajan, makes Change happen.
She coaches executives and runs programs to make transformation a success so that international teams work efficiently.

Jolanda De Ridder


Jolanda's expertise and motivation is in guiding organisations and individuals through change by learning and development.

Xavier Garcia-Weibel


Xavier specialises in powerful experiential-learning workshops focusing on developing Leadership and Innovation in organisations.

Valerie Teller


Valerie focuses on helping people thrive in their work through her challenging questions.


  • Deepa is a rare person. She is one of the most acumen person I met regarding human relationship and group dynamics. I worked closely with Deepa on change management projects, including set-up and development of an offshore development center with personal development of employees. I specially appreciate her great ability to interact with a wide range of employees including top executive, and her varid methods to get the best of the people. Deepa brings a very positive energy and enthousiasm, and was key for the success of our projects. Deepa will be a great asset for any company engaging important change initiatives furthermore in an international context.
    Guillaume Sanchez, CIO at Geosys
  • Deepa gave me the main keys to improve my relation with our Indian supplier. She has a sound knowledge of business practices that will bring success with Indian IT companies including state owned sectors. She has a perfect knowledge of the French and Indian work organisations. She encouraged me to learn and understand the dynamics of indian business. Her improvement ideas were very practical. I recommend that working with Deepa will be helpful. I’ve participate to an Indian culture training, only one day, with Deepa and she succeed to give me the main keys to improve my relation with our Indian supplier. Indian culture is so complex and different than the western one that it is so easy to create misunderstanding. At the end of the training, we have continue to discuss and Deepa has tried to understand the specificity of the relationship between our company and this big Indian state company and provide some practical way of improvements, using her perfect knowledge of the French and Indian cultures. It was encouraging and made me want to learn more and understand more about Indians. Just to add an update now some months after the training, I’m able to help more with the interface between my colleagues from different departments (engineering, manufacturing, procurement and program) and our supplier, and, improve mutual understanding. I’ve got also keys to motivate our supplier successfully. It’s a real adding value. Thanks to you.
    Christian Charlier, Supplier Operational Manager at Airbus
  • Deepa belongs to the top presenters I have worked with. Besides knowing her subject, she also demonstrated she has sound expat experience which she distilled adequately throughout her presentation. I have particularly appreciated her listening skills and flexibility and the way she valued the assignees' input to further use it in her presentation. Right from the start she set a good pace and made it very pleasant for the delegates to participate and listen. Deepa created trust and motivated the participants to discover India's complexity and richness.
    Olivier Marsily HR-ID: cultural and diversity awareness facilitator / values-based leadership trainer-coach
  • Coaching with Deepa is not completely easy. It’s about your complete development: your personality, your professional and your personal life that will be questioned and developed. If you accept the rules, if you avoid cheating, you will learn a lot about yourself and on the interaction you have with others. You will be able to find solutions and build a future. I was lucky to have met Deepa, a real treasure for my both professional and personnel live.
    Paul Sessego, Managing Director at SNCF Cargo
  • Drawing on her experience with offshore IT providers, Deepa always gave me good and relevant advice and highlighted aspects that I would not have seen by myself. I appreciated very much working with her. She is a great coach.
    Francois-Xavier Baudeu, Head of Custody IT at CACEIS
  • I attended Deepa's training on "Working with India". It was extremely useful and efficient; I learnt a lot about the Indian way of life and culture. It was an interesting training provided by a person of Indian origin experienced with the French way of life
    Pascal G, AIRBUS
  • The Coaching I did with Deepa was very effective. The initial sessions allowed Deepa to understand me and create an alliance that was based on trust, honesty and transparency. During the initial sessions I setup my expectations. I am grateful to coaching for having brought me self confidence. I have stopped lying to myself ever since. I now ask myself the right questions: What's most essential for me? What directions I would like to take for my personal and professional life? In which area am I most efficient? In which environment do I feel best? What I found best in the sessions, is the constant encouragement from Deepa. Every session was constructive. The games in the sessions allowed me to actually see what I really needed in my life to be in good moral health.
    GJE, Project Leader, Toulouse
  • It was a very good experience working with Deepa. She opens your mind and provides you another vision of what is possible in your life. I thank her for all the long discussions.
    Eric Cluzel, AIRBUS
  • As part of my work I meet customers from all over the world. Understanding other cultures and their reactions is big value addition to me at work. The quality of the training "Working with India" from Deepa was excellent. Although having travelled to India many times, I learned several things that I will remember and use when I work with Indian people in the future.
    René Zanderigo, Customer Services - Airline Economic, AIRBUS
  • The Bi-culture training lead by Deepa was well-organized. It gave me lot of confidence to work with French colleagues especially needed to work in France. I can say, I learnt the real French culture from this training and I am more comfortable in France.
    Gajendra Kumar CADES DIGITECH
  • Deepa led the bi-cultural team building with humour in her explanations and always ensured that we understood all the way along. Although having worked with Indian people, the session on Indian culture was very interesting and especially aspects on the way of thinking gave me a lot of insight. The team building activates of the 2nd day were a lot of fun and I found answers to a lot of questions. I think after this bi-cultural team building the people know each other better culturally and professionally.
    Francois Jameslot, CADES DIGITECH
  • Without the bi-cultural team building from Deepa, I think it would have been impossible for the French & Indians to work together as our cultures are way apart. We understood a lot about working with one another. Despite the differences in our ways of functioning we found ways to come together and collaborate. I believe his new team will be powerful.
    GRIMAL, Stephane, St.Nazaire, AIRBUS
  • The workshop "Intercultural communication" conducted by Deepa was excellent. She is a very empathetic person. I liked her style very much, especially the psychological and personal touch that she adds to the training sessions.
    Aneta Nawrat, Germany
  • The class "Leader as Coach" animated by DEEPA helped me to have a clearer vision about the important aspects of a manager's life: leadership is not only based on good communication, but also on positive personal effectiveness. What I liked is the manner to address a customer issue through coaching: not too theoretical, but rather directly related to practical aspects and personal experiences, with immediate application over short scenarios asking for reflection to bring out relevant questions. Very nice experience, looking forward to continue and broaden coaching knowledge.
    Stefania V, Executive MBA Aerospace Toulouse Business School