Prepare Team

Clients tell us our approach is magical. That's because we work on the deepest and most essential aspect of human change. Order our Immunity to Change workshops to build engagement and shared ownership across geographies. Give your teams the opportunity to succeed on this Transformation.

Prepare System

Change is everywhere, coming from within and outside the organization, we need to prepare teams to embrace change and co-create from it. The preparation of teams is primordial for transformation projects to run smoothly. This adaptation needs to be accompanied by what is called an Adaptive Process. For every Technical Change there needs to be an Adaptive Process. An Adaptive Process highlights the behavioural change needed for every technical change. There needs to be an Adaptive Timeline in the Plan because we all have good intensions to be open-minded, to be transparent, to be inclusive, to being motivated and be resilient on goals, but failed many times. Because we have competing goals!

We focus on the human factors of change. We rely on years of expertise and proven methodology to prepare teams, so as to:

  • Bring Engagement in Vision so people work with intension.
  • Build Team Confidence and Trust.
  • Fine tune existing processes to setup the right Operational Interfaces.
  • Work on Communication aspects to improve quality of communication between people.
  • Setup methods to increase transparency across geographies.
  • Evoke team creativity and Increase Co-operation.

Develop Skills

Build Multicultural Intelligence

This seminar address small and large groups of people who are keen to sharpen their global leadership skills.

What is Multicultural intelligence? What qualities do I need to be competent across the globe? When do I Push people? How much? How do I Pull people towards me? What does leading across cultures mean? How can I influence people from other cultures? How can I increase synergy in my global team? How can I increase transparency in communication? How can I understand the intensions of the other and make mine clear in culture X? How do I follow through goals in a relationship-oriented culture? How can I increase openness in relationships? What is emotional strength? How can I increase my emotional strength to be resilient? How do I manage stress?

RShore always delivers custom made seminars based on the nature of people and the organizational goals.

Lets together create Global Intelligence