Manage Offshore Collaboration

Build the right foundation for your offshore collaborations; magic bricks that float in the air are a recurring expense. Ask for our Strategy workshops and Executive Mentoring that can help you achieve.

Leadership is about many qualities. Two aspects of leadership: intuition and going with conviction in a new direction become relatively difficult when we are in a new environment. We bring our years of experience in running offshore projects to intuitively detect the potential challenges companies can face and provide solutions before problems arise. We help you build the right Foundation, so you can take bold actions that will transform your organization.

RShore accompanies Leaders in the following areas:

  • Define a Sustainable Offshore Strategy
  • Transaction Guidance
  • Negotiate your contract with Indian partners
  • Co-develop a realistic transition plan
  • Control the Total Cost of Execution
  • Build right governance models
  • Bring alignment in collaboration
  • Engage offshore partner higher up in the value chain
  • Business continuity Risk Management